About Annie's Bag

About Annie's Bag

“We were searching for a bag which was designed in Holland that we could give to our international associates,” said the designers Yvette and Marijke. They were unable to find the fun, creative, sustainable and environmentally-friendly bag that had an unique Dutch style. And this resulted in the creation of Annie's Bag.

A beautiful and handy souvenir from Holland, or a lovely gift to friends abroad. And, of course, a nice present for yourself to use here in the Netherlands!

Annie's Bag are bags that represent sustainability, creativity and quality. Bags you can be proud to give as a gift or take home as a souvenir.

Bags from Annie's Bag are made of:

  • 80% recycled PET bottles
  • 85% recycled PET felt

Annie's Bag only works together with manufacturers who are ISO certified.